Tech Layoffs – What you need to know!

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Top tips to stay in the US post-layoff – resources and links!

Has your career unexpectedly changed? You are not alone. There have been many layoffs in the tech industry recently. If you are on an H-1B, your immigration status is tied to your job – this can be so stressful! 

We want to do everything in our power to help – one of our favorite things to do is freely share information, education, and resources with the U.S. immigrant community. We want you to know what your options are!

For starters, it is possible to extend your time in the U.S. beyond the typical 60-day grace period by filing a change of status from H-1B to another category such as a visitor, student, or dependent spouse. I dive into detail in my hot-off-the-press Ask Sophie™ article originally published in TechCrunch.

Whether you’ve chosen to change your status, transfer your H-1B to another employer for a new job offer, or go for an O-1 and found your own technology startup, we’ve compiled a list of resources to clarify your options.

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