Alcorn Immigration Law Leverages International Entrepreneur Rule to Support Startup Founders Pursuing U.S. Residence

Image of a U.S. visa.

Silicon Valley’s premier immigration law firm announces representation for entrepreneurs seeking to establish roots in the U.S. through the International Entrepreneur Rule.

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE. April 4, 2024. Silicon Valley, CA. Alcorn Immigration Law, an immigration law firm dedicated to helping individuals and companies pursuing U.S. visas and green cards, announces today that it now represents clients pursuing International Entrepreneur Rule.  

The International Entrepreneur Rule (IER) welcomes startup founders who have established a U.S.-based business within the last five years that shows substantial growth and job creation potential. Eligible founders must maintain an active role in their startup, enabling them to contribute significantly toward its expansion and success. This is an exciting opportunity for immigrants who might  not meet the requirements for other visa categories, such as the O-1 or H-1B. 

“We are delighted to offer representation for entrepreneurs who want to seek IER status,” said Sophie Alcorn, Certified Specialist and Founding Attorney for Alcorn Immigration Law. “While this rule has been in effect for years, it has not been readily accessible until recently, and, with our recent victory, we are excited to help our clients pursue this route to live and work in the U.S.”  

USCIS may favorably consider applications that partially meet the IER requirements. To qualify for IER, applicants must demonstrate they:

  • Have a substantial ownership interest in a startup entity created in the past five years in the United States that has substantial potential for rapid growth and job creation;
  • Have a central and active role in the startup entity such that they are well-positioned to substantially help with the growth and success of the business;
  • Will provide a significant public benefit to the United States based on their role as an entrepreneur of the startup entity by showing:
    • The startup entity has received a significant investment of capital (at least $250,000 in previous 18 months) from certain qualified U.S. investors with established records of successful investments;
    • The startup entity has received significant awards or grants (at least $100,000 in previous 18 months) for economic development, research and development, or job creation (or other types of grants or awards typically given to startup entities) from federal, state, or local government entities that regularly provide such awards or grants to startup entities; or
    • They partially meet either or both the previous two requirements and provide additional reliable and compelling evidence of the startup entity’s substantial potential for rapid growth and job creation.

We anticipate that these cases could take 2 to 5 months for approval, with the opportunity to expedite for critical and emerging technologies, government interest, and startup financial interest. Alcorn Immigration Law is excited to offer another path for startup founders to rapidly grow their businesses in the United States. 

About Alcorn: Founded by Sophie Alcorn, immigration attorney, best-selling author, and Certified Specialist in immigration and nationality law by the State Bar of California, Board of Legal Specialization, Alcorn Immigration Law is an immigration law firm in Silicon Valley dedicated to helping individuals and companies pursue U.S. visas and green cards. Alcorn’s mission is to provide expert legal representation that empowers individuals to pursue their dreams with geographic freedom. To learn more about Alcorn Immigration Law and its educational products and professional services, visit us online at