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Extraordinary Ability Bootcamp

Extraordinary Ability Bootcamp takes a deep dive into the O-1A visa and EB-1A green card for extraordinary ability as well as the EB-2 green card in the National Interest Waiver category (EB-2 NIW). Learn about the details of what it takes to file a successful petition in these categories.

Value of $3,750

Your Price: $495

Are you dreaming of living and working in the U.S.? Are you an accomplished person who wants to take charge of your U.S. immigration? Join us in Extraordinary Ability Bootcamp and become qualified to reach your immigration goals!

Extraordinary Ability Bootcamp is a life-changing class that supports anybody paving their way to a visa or green card to the U.S. You will receive an indispensable understanding of the step you will need to take. Investing time into the course is investing toward your future.

You will receive exclusive access to 15 modules of over 8 hours of course time, plus special handouts and extra resources from Alcorn Founder Sophie Alcorn, Certified Specialist Attorney in Immigration and Nationality Law by the State of California Board of Legal Specialization. With decades of experience in supporting thousands of people with creative solutions, Sophie is an exceptional source of knowledge and expert to lead you toward your goals of living and working legally in the U.S.

Seeking this same coaching 1:1 at an attorney’s hourly rate would typically require an investment of $3,000-$4,000, but Sophie wanted to launch Extraordinary Ability Bootcamp so everybody has a chance to live their dreams.

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More about Extraordinary Ability Bootcamp:

Come with us to take a  deep dive into making a great case for the O-1A visa, EB-1A, and EB-2 NIW green cards and how you can prepare to qualify for a successful petition.

A self-paced online course, Extraordinary Ability Bootcamp, gives you videos and guidelines to assess whether you currently qualify for any of these immigration categories and if not, what you need to do to get there.

This course is the culmination of synthesizing the Alcorn team’s decades of experience in immigration law, the lessons learned from the thousands of successful O-1A, EB-1A, and EB-2 NIW cases, and our interactions with U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services officers.

Join us and create your future!

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