Legal Launch

Legal Launch

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Want to ensure you qualify for an O-1A visa, EB-1A green card, or EB-2 NIW green card? Then you are in the right place – Legal Launch™

Let’s dive in!  Legal Launch™ is for individuals who are confident or seeking confirmation that they already qualify – and are motivated to strategize with an attorney on the best immigration option for you and the next steps for getting started. Legal Launch provides 100% clarity on your qualifications – quickly. The process is only 4 weeks long, clearly defined, and easy to understand.

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With Legal Launch™ you receive:

  • Attorney expert review and confirmation of whether you have what it takes, in a specific time frame
  • Attorney expert advice on which option to choose, the timing, and the best strategy for you to reach your immigration goals
  • If you’re not qualified yet, detailed guidance on how to become qualified, along with complimentary enrollment in the Alcorn Academy online class!
  • If you are qualified, concierge service to move forward rapidly, achieving your immigration dreams!
  • The confidence to chart your path and move forward with clarity!

Alcorn’s Legal Launch™

Week 1: Enrollment Zoom with Client Success Manager Enroll in Legal Launch
Meetings 3 weekly Zooms with Legal Staff: Review & Upload
Zoom 1
Zoom 2
Zoom 3
Review Comprehensive document review by Alcorn Attorney
Week 4: Attorney Zoom Review, recommend strategy & next steps

What’s the process?

  • Enrollment call with Alcorn’s Client Success Manager
  • A code to access our Alcorn Academy Modules
  • 3 weekly Zooms with your Legal Administrative Assistant who will work with you to:
    • Review Alcorn’s proprietary document checklist
    • Gather, prepare, and upload all necessary documents to establish your portfolio of accomplishments
  • A comprehensive internal three-stage document review by your Alcorn team – Legal Administrative Assistant, Paralegal, and expert Attorney.
  • A final attorney consultation to:
    • Review your case with you
    • Provide a recommended strategy for your next immigration steps!