Authentic Connections: Lior Klisman’s Journey to Building Borderless

Sophie and Lior Klisman on the Sophie Alcorn Podcast

Sophie recently spoke with entrepreneur Lior Klisman, who opened up about his journey from founding a startup to his current venture, Borderless, dedicated to supporting immigrant founders in the US. With a background spanning seven countries across three continents, Lior’s experiences have deeply influenced his perspective on diversity and community building.

Pioneering IT Security: The Sentent Era

Lior’s entrepreneurial journey began with the founding of Sentent in 2016, where he aimed to revolutionize IT security and compliance services for startups and investors. Facing challenges along the way, including the decision to pivot and the eventual acquisition of the company, Lior credits his success to his dedication to networking and learning from fellow entrepreneurs.

Navigating Pivots & Acquisitions

Throughout the conversation, Lior emphasizes the importance of authentic sharing among founders, highlighting its rarity and significance in the startup landscape. He recalls the pivotal moments that shaped Sentent’s trajectory, such as their decision to prioritize transparency and flexibility in their services, setting them apart from industry norms.

Cultural Adaptation & Communication

As an immigrant navigating the business world, Lior reflects on the challenges of adapting his communication style and understanding cultural nuances. He stresses the importance of listening and observing to effectively engage with clients and thrive in diverse environments.

Building Community: The Heart of Borderless

The discussion delves into the unique challenges faced by immigrant founders, particularly in the tech startup world, and the importance of community support beyond business assistance. Lior expresses his intention to create a community for foreign founders that addresses both business needs and the need for belonging through local meetups and shared resources.

In essence, Lior’s journey underscores the value of authenticity, innovation, and community in entrepreneurship. By sharing his experiences and insights, he hopes to inspire and support fellow immigrant founders in their pursuit of success.

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