Real Connection: Engage Your Talent Pool with Hubert Dagbo & Jide Osan

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The journey of Equipt founders Hubert Dagbo and Jide Osan is an inspiring example of the power of passion and perseverance. Their experiences have shaped the vision behind Equipt, and their platform is helping to connect talent with companies in a meaningful way. 

As the tech industry continues to evolve, it is essential for entrepreneurs to stay informed about immigration laws and resources available to them. By learning from their experiences and seeking mentorship, aspiring founders can also find success in the world of tech startups.

Equipt: A Platform for Connecting Talent and Companies 

Equipt, a revolutionary platform, helps professionals connect with companies through live online workshops, events, and meetups. The founders believe that talent is better engaged when they are learning, building their skills, and getting inspired by people they admire. Companies can benefit from Equipt by providing these learning opportunities and fostering meaningful relationships with potential employees. 

The Journey of Equipt Founders

Hubert and Jide met in 2008 at Lehigh University and have been friends ever since. While they both had a passion for entrepreneurship, they pursued different career paths before starting Equipt. Hubert pursued a career in finance, working at companies like Morgan Stanley and Credit Suisse, while Jide focused on the tech side, working on various projects. Their diverse experiences and perspectives have served as a foundation for the company they started together. 

Lessons from Immigration Stories 

Both Hubert and Jide have been influenced by their families’ immigration stories. Growing up in immigrant households, they learned the importance of hustle and determination. These experiences have shaped their vision for Equipt and inspired them to create a platform that fosters collaboration and helps others reach their full potential. 

Advice for Aspiring Founders 

For those considering starting their own venture, the Equipt founders offer invaluable advice. They emphasize the importance of learning from failures and seeking mentorship in the professional world. Additionally, they recommend being mentally prepared for the ups and downs of entrepreneurship and finding ways to cope with challenges. 

Navigating Immigration Law in Tech Startups 

As tech startups continue to grow and evolve, it is crucial for founders to stay up-to-date on immigration laws and their implications. Equipt aims to provide resources for entrepreneurs and help them stay informed about the latest immigration updates. By subscribing to their newsletter, entrepreneurs can equip themselves with the necessary knowledge to navigate the complex world of immigration law. 

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