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Companies that do not prioritize innovation eventually see their products and services diminish in importance. Prolonged growth requires that businesses see change as essential, not optional, and securing the right talent to scale helps build the organization’s muscle of adaptability. 

At Alcorn Immigration, we partner with companies to access the global talent pool and unlock new opportunities in Brooklyn Heights, Dumbo, Park Slope, Greenpoint, Williamsburg, the Flatiron District, and Silicon Alley. To learn how you can accomplish, together with our team of corporate immigration attorneys, consider contacting our New York City office at (855) 546-0015 today.

How We Help Companies Secure the Right Talent to Scale

We empower companies to thrive in an interconnected world by overcoming borders, expanding opportunities, and uniting the world through visionary immigration law. Securing the best and brightest talent in the world allows a company to scale. The relationship between quality of talent and business performance is significant, and we help companies attract and retain superior talent by implementing effective immigration policies.

Corporate Immigration Visas

As corporate immigration attorneys, we partner with companies ranging from tech startups to Fortune 100 enterprises to secure immigration visas for key employees. We have established our reputation as the law firm of choice for companies handling complex immigration matters. Some of the ways we have assisted our corporate clients include applying for and obtaining: 

  • H-1B visas for workers with specialty knowledge in their occupation. We also leverage the cap-exempt employment to help companies minimize risk and pass through the H-1B lottery system.
  • O-1A visa for workers with extraordinary ability in the fields of science, engineering, business, arts, and education.
  • L-1 visa to facilitate intracompany transfers of multinational managers and executives to open or develop offices in the United States. 
  • TN visas for citizens of Canada and Mexico who work in certain specialty occupations.
  • E-3 visa for Australian citizens and H1-B1 visas for Chilean and Singaporean citizens in specialty occupations. 
  • Other business and exchange program visas like the E-1 trade visa, E-2 investor visa, and J-1 researcher visa

Permanent Residence for Employees

Many companies use immigration-related incentives to attract top talent for their organization. We help these companies sponsor employees to obtain permanent residence to avoid time-consuming visa renewals and compliance concerns. Depending on your industry and the background of the employee, we may recommend pursuing one of the following: 

  • EB-1A for persons with extraordinary ability 
  • EB-1B for outstanding professors and researchers
  • EB-1C for multinational managers and executives
  • EB-2 NIW for those who qualify for the National Interest Waiver exemption
  • EB-2 for individuals with an advanced degree or exceptional ability
  • EB-3 for skilled workers, professionals, or other workers

What Options Do Foreign-Born Professionals Have to Obtain Permission to Work in the United States?

If you are a foreign-born professional with specific skills and expertise, there are a variety of opportunities to obtain permission to work in the U.S. Nonimmigrant visas are a common option for foreign nationals who plan to stay in the country short-term or to complete a specific business endeavor. Several visa categories are designed for these workers, such as the O visas, E visas, and H visas, among others. Your corporate immigration attorney can provide greater insight into which visa category is right for you given your unique background and professional experience.

Can an Employer Sponsor an Employee to Obtain a Green Card?

U.S. companies can sponsor employees to obtain a Green Card. To begin the process, the employer must obtain an approved labor certification from the Department of Labor. This certification will confirm that American workers with the same qualifications are not being displaced and that the U.S. job market is not negatively impacted by hiring foreign-born professionals. Once this labor certification has been approved, the I-140 petition may be filed on behalf of the employee. Once approved, the employee may then apply for their Green Card.

How to Choose the Best Corporate Immigration Attorney for Companies

With hundreds of law firms vying for your business, choosing the best immigration attorney for your company is difficult. Anything worth doing is worth doing right, however, and the right attorney will streamline the immigration process for your company and markedly improve your chance of approval. During your consultation with prospective attorneys, consider the following: 

  • How much experience do they have working with companies, founders, and executives? Do they understand the unique needs of business-minded individuals and entrepreneurs? 
  • Will they handle all aspects of your case so you can focus on your company’s growth? 
  • Do they answer your questions on time? 
  • What resources does the law firm offer to help companies under the immigration process?

Hiring legal counsel is a major decision, but with a 95%+ approval rating and a strong track record of winning, we are confident that Alcorn Immigration is the right choice for your company. 

The Alcorn Method

Our founding attorney and CEO is a Certified Specialist in Immigration and Nationality Law by the State Bar of California. After spending years representing corporate clients in a range of immigration matters, we have been voted as the top law firm in California for technology startups. Our reputation of success is a direct result of our proven four-step method: 

  • Strategize. We will review your short- and long-term goals and recruitment objectives to craft a legal strategy that reflects your needs and optimizes the likelihood of a successful outcome. 
  • Prepare. Careful preparation is critical, and we do not cut corners when it comes to compiling strong, air-tight visa applications for your employees. 
  • File. We will file all petitions and supporting documents according to the strict standards established by the USCIS and the State Department.
  • Win. We are confident in our ability to win your case. We can even guide your company’s next steps if we win.

Immigration Resources for Corporations

To ensure your confidence and clarity, we offer a wide range of immigration resources for corporations, including:

Accomplish, Together

A company’s immigration benefits play a crucial role in its ability to hire and retain skilled international talent. At Alcorn Immigration, we provide strategic guidance to Manhattan and Brooklyn companies, ensuring that New York City-based organizations are well-positioned to navigate the complexities of corporate immigration. 

Our team of corporate immigration attorneys remains up to date on the constantly evolving legal landscape, so you do not have to. To learn how we can help your organization expand its operations internationally and hire the brightest experts from around the world, consider contacting our New York City office at (855) 546-0015 today.