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Silicon Valley is widely recognized as one of the greatest places to invest in and grow a company. At Alcorn Immigration, we leverage our expertise to help companies adapt to evolving immigration policies and empower businesses to access global talent pools. Having worked with corporate clients ranging from startup companies and Fortune 100 enterprises, we know that businesses trust us to deliver innovative solutions to help meet their short- and long-term immigration goals. To speak with an experienced corporate immigration attorney at Santa Clara County, consider contacting our Silicon Valley office at (855) 546-0015 today. 

How We Help Companies Secure the Right Talent to Scale

Our mission is to overcome borders, expand opportunities, and connect the world through the practice of visionary immigration law. We help companies secure the right talent to scale by securing the immigrant and nonimmigrant visas required to attract and retain the world’s best and brightest talent. 

Corporate Immigration Visas

We partner with companies in a diverse range of industries, working to craft corporate immigration solutions with growth and expansion in mind. An experienced corporate immigration attorney at Santa Clara County from Alcorn will review your company’s business objectives and international recruitment goals to identify the right strategy to meet your needs. 

Having established ourselves as a renowned resource for corporate clients in all matters related to employment-based immigration, we have helped companies to:

  • Navigate the H-1B visa lottery for employees with specialized knowledge. To mitigate risk, we help our clients bypass the lottery system through cap-exempt employment. 
  • Secure O-1A visas for employees who possess extraordinary ability in their field.
  • Facilitate intracompany transfers through the  L-1 visa for managers and executives. 
  • Apply for and obtain TN visas for employees who are citizens of Mexico and Canada.
  • Obtain the E-3 visa for Australian workers and H1-B1 visas for Chilean and Singaporean workers in specialty occupations. 
  • Acquire the E-1 trade visa, E-2 investor visa, and J-1 researcher visa for certain workers to engage in business and exchange programs in the United States.

Permanent Residence for Employees

Many employers find that sourcing foreign-born professionals is important to their talent acquisition strategy, and offering Green Card sponsorship can help your company attract top talent from around the world. We work with companies to secure EB-1A, EB-1B, and EB-1C Green Cards as well as EB-2 NIW Green Cards for founders and qualifying employees. We also work alongside companies to pursue EB-2 Green Card for individuals with an advanced degree or exceptional ability as well as the EB-3 Green Card for skilled workers, professionals, or other workers.

How Can Foreign Nationals Obtain Permission to Work in the United States?

There are several ways that a foreign national can obtain permission to work in the United States. If you want to stay in the United States temporarily, prospective employers may file a petition with the USCIS on your behalf. Once that petition has been approved, you may then apply for a visa from the Department of State. Alternatively, if you are already in the United States on a nonimmigrant visa that does not provide permission to work, you may apply for a change of status to a different nonimmigrant visa that allows you to work and earn an income. 

On the other hand, if you have the right combination of skills and expertise and want to remain in the United States permanently, you may apply for a Green Card. There are five employment-based Green Card categories that you may apply for depending on your professional background. It is also possible to pursue a Green Card while on certain nonimmigrant visas like the H-1B, L-1, and O-1 visas. 

How Can an Employer Help an Employee Get a Green Card?

The nonimmigrant work visa is a temporary option. For employers who want to attract and retain talented employees long-term, Green Card sponsorship may be the ideal option. Employers can sponsor employees to get a Green Card. This is a three-step process, beginning with the labor certification. 

Employers must secure an approved PERM labor certification from the U.S. Department of Labor if they are sponsoring employees for certain EB-2 and EB-3 Green Cards. Once the labor certification has been approved, the employer may file Form I-140 on behalf of the employee. Lastly, the employee will apply for adjustment of status to secure their Green Card.  

How to Choose the Best Corporate Immigration Attorney for Companies

The immigration goals of companies are unique and often incredibly complex. Having the right immigration attorney in your corner is key to ensuring that you and your team can continue to develop in the United States and recruit the brightest talent from around the world. When consulting with immigration attorneys, some questions to consider include:

  • Does the law firm regularly work with business-minded entrepreneurs and companies?
  • Does the firm or attorney have experience in your industry?
  • Will the attorney manage your case so you can focus on your company’s growth?
  • Does the attorney prioritize integrity in their practice? 
  • What is the law firm’s approval rating?

We have helped thousands of companies and executives meet their immigration goals. With a proven record of success, we are confident that we are the best immigration attorney for your company.

The Alcorn Method

Founded by Sophie Alcorn, a Certified Specialist in Immigration and Nationality Law by the State Bar of California, Alcorn Immigration Law has been voted the top law firm in California for technology startups. Our success is the consequence of our innovative approach to immigration cases: 

  • We begin with a comprehensive review of our clients’ goals and objectives to strategize the right solution for their company. 
  • Employing this tailored strategy, we diligently prepare your case to optimize your chance of approval. 
  • Once your application is ready, we file all documentation according to the rules and regulations of the USCIS or State Department.
  • While we cannot make guarantees, we are confident we will win your case. You will join the thousands of other companies that have successfully secured work visas with the help of our team.

Immigration Resources for Corporations

We offer a range of immigration resources for corporations to help founders, managers, and executives move forward with confidence and clarity. We have condensed years of knowledge into cost-effective resources such as:

Accomplish, Together

Companies operate in a highly interconnected world where boundaries are no longer barriers, but doorways to opportunity. Corporate immigration plays a critical role in facilitating the movement of talent across borders, empowering companies to harness the skills and expertise necessary for their success. At Alcorn Immigration, we work with companies in Mountain View, Palo Alto, Cupertino, Sunnyvale, and San Jose to make key decisions to expand their operations internationally. To learn how we can accomplish, together, consider contacting an experienced corporate immigration attorney at our Silicon Valley office at (855) 546-0015.