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With innovation hotbeds like Plano, Irving, and Oak Cliff, the Dallas-Fort Worth metro area is home to over two dozen Fortune 500 companies, solidifying the city’s position as a powerful magnet for businesses. At Alcorn Immigration, we understand how crucial recruiting and retaining the right workers is to your company’s success. Our team of corporate immigration attorneys is passionate about building the American workforce, one work visa at a time. To accomplish, together with us, consider connecting with our team at (855) 546-0015 today.

Corporate Immigration Visas

Our corporate immigration services are rooted in empowering companies to maximize hires and drive efficiency in international recruitment processes. We will help you realize your business growth goals by hiring and retaining the right workers. Some of the most common work visas used by U.S. employers to employ foreign workers include: 

Permanent Residence

With decades of combined experience, we have successfully navigated a vast range of permanent residence scenarios. Whether you are filing for a Green Card for a single employee or aiming to develop a streamlined immigration process for your mid- to large-sized organization, we can help. We empower startups, established companies, and large multinational organizations to:

  • Recruit top talent with extraordinary abilities with the EB-1A Green Card.
  • Hire outstanding professors and researchers through the EB-1B Green Card. 
  • Transfer managers, executives, and key employees to fill new roles that require specialized knowledge and an understanding of the company’s work culture with the EB-1C Green Card. 
  • Bring in innovators and key professionals whose work will inherently benefit the national interests of the United States using the EB-2 NIW Green Card.
  • Acquire degree-holding professionals through the PERM-based EB-2 and EB-3 Green Cards.

How Can Foreign Nationals Obtain Permission to Work in the United States?

The immigration channel you use to hire foreign nationals and obtain permission to work in the United States will depend entirely on the nature of the position and your long-term business objectives. Nonimmigrant visas are generally the right fit for short-term work, such as overseeing a project, developing a new office, or temporarily filling a vacant role. 

Long-term positions require a different approach, with many professionals seeking immigrant visas, which are green cards, to solidify their ability to live and work in the U.S. on a more permanent basis. Immigrant visas for degree holders, international managers, extraordinary individuals, and enterprising professionals may be available to avoid the restrictions that traditionally accompany nonimmigrant work visas. 

Your corporate immigration attorney will evaluate your needs within the context of your long-term growth strategy to identify the right visa to obtain permission to work in the U.S. 

How Can an Employer Help an Employee Get a Green Card?

After having supported thousands of employers with employment-based Green Card filings, we consider ourselves experts in this area. U.S. employers have a valuable opportunity to sponsor employees to get a Green Card. The process of helping an employee secure a Green Card can usually be broken down into three stages: the PERM Labor Certification, I-140 petition, and I-485 adjustment of status. 

All employment-based Green Card application processes are built upon the I-140 petition, with additional requirements depending on the visa category and the unique experience of the employee. It should be noted that some Green Cards waive the requirement for a PERM Labor Certification, such as the EB-1 and EB-2 NIW. 

Legal Launch for Startups

Our goal is to turn a complex process into a manageable, predictable journey for our corporate clients and their recruits. Recognizing that employers who overcome these challenges and streamline their immigration processes enjoy a competitive advantage in recruiting from an international talent pool, we created Legal Launch to provide clarity to the labyrinthine immigration process. During this four-week program, you can expect individualized support in resolving nuanced immigration challenges and solidifying your company’s global mobility strategy for your founders. 

How to Choose the Best Immigration Attorney for Your Company

Your corporate immigration attorney will act as a strategic partner in your business growth. When hiring an immigration team, it is important to weigh not only the quantifiable metrics of the firm – such as their approval rating and record of success – but also the qualitative aspects of their practice. Are they compassionate and put your interests first? Do they have the acumen necessary to help business- and tech-minded individuals navigate complex immigration matters? Do they create solutions based on your unique goals and growth? These factors play a key role in the attorney’s ability to provide high-level strategic guidance on your complex, sophisticated corporate immigration issues. 

About Sophie Alcorn

As a Certified Specialist in Immigration and Nationality Law by the State Bar of California Board of Legal Specialization and founder of Alcorn Immigration, Sophie Alcorn has dedicated her practice to transcending borders and connecting the world through the practice of visionary immigration law. Now, she is an author, host of the Sophie Alcorn Podcast, and TechCrunch contributor, sharing her insights with the community at large.  

The Alcorn Method

We have proudly solidified our standing as a top law firm for tech startups. Our forward-thinking practice is dedicated to enabling employers to meet immigration challenges head-on. Our overwhelming success is rooted in our proven, four-step approach: 

  • Strategizing a solution that accounts for your recruitment goals and the step-by-step actions needed to reach them. 
  • Visualizing your long-term goals and meticulously preparing your case to optimize your chance of success.
  • Filing all case materials according to the strict requirements of the USCIS or State Department to minimize the likelihood of delays during the process.
  • Winning. We are proud of the successes we have created for our clients and are confident in our ability to do the same for you. 

Immigration Resources for Companies

Alcorn Immigration is the law firm of choice for progressive, forward-thinking companies. Your professional success is a reflection of your focus and dedication, and you do not have time to waste getting bogged down in red tape. To help you make informed decisions with confidence and clarity, we have created a toolkit of immigration resources for companies:  

Accomplish, Together

We believe in streamlining immigration. Our goal is to help you create a global village, allowing you to hire internationally and work regionally to create a truly global business. At Alcorn Immigration, we are seasoned corporate immigration attorneys who partner with companies to realize business growth by harnessing the power of immigration. To accomplish, together and open the discussion of your company’s global recruitment strategies, consider connecting with us at (855) 546-0015 today.