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The United States has benefited immensely from the cutting-edge technology and bold entrepreneurship provided by immigrant founders. Indeed, the massive expansion of tech jobs and innovative entrepreneurship has created an exponential demand for skilled workers in Silicon Valley. 

At Alcorn Immigration, we help founders and managers grow their company in the U.S. and attract remarkably talented workers to innovate across industries. Our team of knowledgeable immigration attorneys for startups understands the complexities of startup & corporate immigration. To accomplish, together with Alcorn, consider connecting with us at (855) 546-0015 today.

Who Are We?

We help companies, startups, and founders apply for and secure immigrant and nonimmigrant visas. Our mission is to overcome borders and expand opportunities by practicing compassionate, visionary immigration law. We are confident in our ability to guide you through the most complex immigration matters. 

Tech Startup & Corporate Immigration

Tech startups and established companies are tasked with building a strong foundation for their company under corporate law and creating a business that can sponsor key employees for a work visa or Green Card under immigration law. This is a delicate balance and the motivation behind our tech startup & corporate immigration practice.

We will assess your company’s structure, long-term business goals, and recruitment objectives to identify the right immigration solution for your startup. We have guided startups through the following processes: 

  • Navigating the H-1B visa lottery, extensions, amendments, portability, and transfers for employees in specialty occupations. 
  • Obtaining O-1A visas for individuals with extraordinary ability in business and engineering.
  • Securing L-1 visas for multinational managers, executives, and key employees with specialized knowledge to transfer between branches of companies. 
  • Receiving TN visas to secure special immigration status for professionals from Canada and Mexico.
  • Helping Australian professionals with specialty knowledge live, work, and earn a salary in the U.S. through the E-3 visa.
  • Applying for and receiving the H1-B1 for Chileans and Singaporeans in specialty occupations. 
  • Obtaining other startup and corporate work visas like the E-1 trade visa, E-2 investor visa, and J-1 researcher visa.

Permanent Residence for Employees

After finding the perfect candidate, you may be wondering how to keep them in the country. While some of the work visas mentioned above can be renewed indefinitely, visa renewals are costly and time-consuming. Permanent residence is a great solution for companies that wish to keep their key employees in the U.S. and mitigate the concern of visa renewals. Some of the most popular Green Cards for employees include: 

  • EB-1A, EB-1B, and EB-1C for individuals with extraordinary ability, outstanding professors and researchers, and multinational managers and executives.
  • EB-2 NIW for employees who meet the National Interest Waiver criteria, proving that their work will benefit the national economy, education, healthcare system, or some other critical aspect of society. 
  • EB-2 for individuals with an advanced degree or exceptional ability
  • EB-3 for skilled workers, professionals, or other workers

Startup Founder Immigration

Silicon Valley is the global hub for technology and innovation, attracting thousands of immigration startup founders who want to take advantage of the bigger market, venture capitalists, and vibrant ecosystem of resources, mentors, and incubators. At Alcorn Immigration, a primary area of our practice is startup founder immigration. Specifically, we have helped startup founders secure the following work visas to remain in the U.S. and grow their companies: 

  • O-1A visa for startup founders and entrepreneurs who have extraordinary ability in their field. Many founders qualify for this visa without knowing it or simply require a bit of prep work to prove their extraordinary ability.
  • H-1B visa transfers for workers who want to establish their own company while maintaining their current position. Our immigration attorneys for startups work with founders to register their business, become the principal shareholder, establish a Board of Directors, and negotiate with angel investors while complying with the regulations of U.S. immigration law.
  • L-1 intracompany transferee visa for founders who are owners or executives of an established company abroad to plan and develop an office in Silicon Valley.
  • E-1/E-2 essential employee visa for citizens of treaty countries who want to invest in the creation of a business in the U.S. or who wish to engage in substantial trade. 
  • B-1 business visa and B-2 tourist visa to travel to the United States short-term to conduct meetings, perform investment-related activities, and identify an office space in Santa Clara County. 

Permanent Residence for Founders

Foreign-born founders and thought leaders hold an important place in the future of the United States and the nation’s economy. Obtaining permanent residence is an ideal solution for founders who want to remain in the United States long-term, but applying for and obtaining a Green Card is an arduous process. We have helped countless founders navigate the employment-based immigration process, successfully securing EB-1A, EB-1C, and EB-2 NIW Green Cards to continue growing their companies in the U.S.

Legal Launch for Startups

U.S. immigration law is complex, and it is important to have full confidence in your ability to succeed with the process before investing valuable time and resources into work visas and Green Cards. We created Legal Launch with Alcorn for founders who want to move forward with clarity. This 4-week course is clearly defined, easy to understand, and will help you navigate the stringent requirements of the O-1, L-1, H-1B, and other work visas for your company.   

How to Choose the Best Immigration Attorney for Startups

As a founder, executive, or manager, you want to recruit the top talent to your company. Having a seasoned and qualified legal team in your corner is a key part of this endeavor. During your initial consultation with an immigration attorney for startups at Santa Clara County, the following questions can help you assess whether the team is right for your company:

  • Does the attorney have a proven record of success in navigating similar cases?
  • What solutions do they offer to help you meet your goals? 
  • Have they worked with business and tech-minded entrepreneurs?
  • Do they offer resources specifically designed with startups and innovative companies in mind? 
  • Will the attorney manage your case so you can focus on your company’s growth? 

The Alcorn Method

As the top-rated law firm in California for technology startups, we have spent years developing our unique approach to startup immigration. The Alcorn Method is a reflection of our work and success. When you work with our team, you can expect to: 

  • Strategize. We begin by reviewing our client’s unique needs and goals to create a strategy that minimizes their risk and optimizes their likelihood of approval. 
  • Prepare. Careful and focused preparation is a major part of our process. We will ensure that all necessary documents are organized and completed according to the high standards of the USCIS. 
  • File. We manage your case so you do not have to. We will oversee all aspects of your case, including the filing process. 
  • Win. Success is sweet, and we find so much fulfillment in celebrating with our clients. 

Immigration Resources for Startups

We empower immigration founders with the knowledge needed to successfully secure work visas and Green Cards for themselves, their key employees, and their families. Some of the most valuable immigration resources for startups that we provide include:

Accomplish, Together

The immigration journey of an entrepreneur is rarely clear-cut and straightforward. With so many options at your disposal, it is important to carefully consider your strategy and move forward with clarity. Our team of experienced immigration attorneys for startups empowers undiscovered immigrant founders with the resources necessary to grow and achieve and have worked with companies at all stages of growth to secure the best and brightest talent. To learn more about how we can accomplish, together, consider contacting our Silicon Valley office at (855) 546-0015 today.