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Alcorn Immigration Law provides immigration legal services to international students seeking to study and gain practical training in the U.S.


Student Visas

International students can come to the U.S. to further their education under the F-1 Visa for Students or the M-1 Visa for Students.


Practical Training

Certain programs of study can include one year of permission to work with the status of OPT Optional Practical Training for F-1 Students.

Students who have pursued an education in science, technology, engineering, or math can work for an additional 24 months by applying for the STEM OPT Extension for F-1 Students.

If you’re in the United States in another nonimmigrant status, you can apply to change status to F-1.  If you’ve gone out of F-1 status, you can apply for F-1 reinstatement.


For More Information

Alcorn Immigration Law team supports immigration for innovation. Our team can help you find the best option for studying and getting practical training in the U.S. We also assist visitors to the U.S. and foreign nationals in the U.S. under another visa to change to a student visa. Please see our specific pages for F-1 and M-1 Student Visas and Optional Practical Training.