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I Am Glad We Had the Chance to Work With Alcorn

I highly recommend Alcorn! Anita and her team were extremely helpful in guiding us through my husband’s green card process. They were always very professional and knowledgeable and responded to all emails immediately. The COVID pandemic hit in the middle of our process and they remained well informed and helpful through that time as well. Securing a green card is long and complicated. Hiring a lawyer is essential and I am very glad we had the chance to work with Alcorn.

— Kate M.

We’d Recommend Alcorn for any Immigration Challenge

Our family has worked with the team at Alcorn on two separate occasions – most recently to petition for a green card for my stepdaughter. When we began this process, I could never have predicted that a global pandemic would shut down the border, delaying all case approvals and creating immense anxiety and stress. The team at Alcorn was fantastic in staying engaged with us throughout the process and helping us understand the situation as well as our options. Immigration processes can be complex even without such unforeseen obstacles and I cannot imagine how we would have navigated this situation without their guidance. We’re so grateful to the Alcorn team for their help in bringing our family together and would highly recommend their group to anyone navigating the immigration system – no matter how challenging your case may be.

— Elaine B.

Helped Me Every Step of the Way

The team at Alcorn has helped me at every step of the way in applying for an EB-2 NIW. They heard my concerns and hesitations and went out of their way to ensure I felt comfortable with proceeding and that I wasn’t overwhelmed. They are so responsive and I am ever so appreciative of all the support they’ve consistently given me. I can honestly say I would have never gone through with this process had it not been for them and the confidence they gave me that it could be done.

— Nikole T.

Incredible for Our EB-2 NIW Visa

The support from Sophie’s team was just incredible for our EB-2 with NIW. Although it looks almost 500 ays, they were available 24/7 to follow our application, answer our questions and lower our stress! I would recommend them to any applicant.

— Famille V.

One of the Best Law Firms I Have Ever Worked With

Truly one of the best law firms I have ever worked with. Solid level of professionalism, super responsive, you can ask all the questions and they will always have an answer. I don’t know how expensive they are but they are worth it nonetheless.

— Aziz A.

Highly Recommended for All Your Immigration Needs

Words can’t explain how fantastic was my L1A visa process with Alcorn!
Having a very complicated past immigration history I was going through L1A visa process. Alcorn Team, especially Amjad Basheer, did a great job preparing my petition in such a great way that it got approved on the spot in 2 weeks.

Amjad and Alcorn Team were also amazing with preparing me the best possible way for my visa interview at the embassy and guiding me throughout the whole process!

This Law Office is highly recommended by me for all your immigration related needs!

Once again, BIG THANKS, for all your help and support Alcorn Team and Amjad Basheer!!!

I have my visa on hand after a month of administrative processing and preparing to leave to the States soon!

— Ashot A.

Some of the Best Immigration Attorneys Out There

Everyone is really helpful and patient when it comes to answering questions. They have some of the best immigration attorneys out there. If you are small company looking for sponsoring H1B for your employees- you should definitely go with Alcorn.

— Vaishnavi B.

Helped Us Secure a Cap-Exempt H-1B Visa

Alcorn helped us secure a cap-exempt (i.e., no lottery) H1B visa for one of our employees, and we could not be more grateful for their help! Our case was somewhat tricky, due to our employee’s unique educational background and work experience, but they were still able to help us.

They did a tremendous job throughout the process, counseling us on the pros and cons of each possible path (we considered several options before opting for the cap-exempt H1B), and they gave very clear instructions every step of the way. For a novice like me who had never done this before, this was invaluable!

I highly recommend Alcorn to any startup who’s thinking about applying for an immigration visa for one of their employees; they will definitely take care of your needs.

— Firas A.

Service Tailored to My Background

I started working with Alcorn Immigration Law after not being selected for the H-1B lottery a few times while I was on STEM OPT. After discussing my background and situation, they explained my options clearly and recommended applying for EB-2 NIW.

Once my reference letters were ready, the team lead by Attorney Nadia Zaidi put together a compiling petition that got my I-140, I-131, and I-765 applications approved. I was impressed by the fact that the petition felt personalized and tailored to my background and specialty.

They answered all of my questions promptly and kept a well organized digital backup of all the files and correspondence, which gave me a peace of mind. I highly recommend going with Alcorn Immigration Law.

— Anas K.

Experience with Rare Types of EB-1A Cases

I can’t thank Nadia and team enough for being such a pleasure to work with!! They have experience with rare types of EB-1A cases like mine (UX Design specialization) so my case got approved in record time. Worth noting that multiple other attorney firms didn’t even want to even take up my case because they were unfamiliar with this type of visa specialization.

I’m really glad I picked Alcorn, they have by far the most competent attorneys I’ve ever worked with. Incredibly responsive, informative, knowledgeable, and most importantly – they treat you like the unique human you are. Even when life threw a curveball at us, they adjusted and handled everything with grace.

— Nina G.